Hi, my name is Erico Nascimento.

I'm a Lead User Experience designer.


For the last 10 years I have occupied positions ranging from Front-end developer to User Experience Lead, on delivery teams for clients such as: Pfizer, University of California and Samsung. My role is to advocate for the user and to design the best experience possible while balancing user needs, business goals, budget and time constraints.

Some of my previous clients incllude include:

  • Pfizer
  • Samsung
  • Univeristy of California
  • WTHR
  • WBNS
  • Cisco
  • Kobo
  • BBC


Neph+ is a mobile and tablet app designed to help physicians treating patients at risk of kidney failure. With the input of values from patient records into the app doctors get risk evaluation for several kidney diseases.

University of California - HR Portal

Lead designer and front-end development of the UCAL HR Portal for employee benefits.

Relationship Management Tool

Mobile app to help brand embassidors maintain relationships with area experts.

Enterprise Portfolio Tool

A tool to track financial health and investments for projects


WTHR and WBNS are the largest news media organization on the Midwest. In December 2015 I've participated on a full redesign of their sites that not only changed how the brand was perceived and content was consumed but also impacted their publishing workflow.

Samsung Knox

Worked in-house with Samsung's Vancouver team to help with the development of their Samsung KNOX project and multilingual marketing website. The KNOX Container allows companies to ensure that work files and applications are segregated from personal ones on employee mobile devices.

After a few months got requested back to work on an internal application for pushing demo content for phones on their retailers.


Worked on site with New York city's Department of transportation to design and develop proof of concept for the redesign of their site in a mobile friendly fashion and porting it to Drupal. That project included a map integration for visualizing traffic cameras as well as weather alerts and warnings.

Later returned to design and initiate development of their permit application app NYC Streets

Cisco on Demand

Part of the team that migrated the Cisco on Demand portal to Drupal as well as ported and refreshed their marketing website from static html to a more robust PHP structure using mobile first approach and twitter bootstrap